Are you suffering post traumatic stress disorder after birth?

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Birth is let joyous occasion, however, for many, also is attempting to which they may not have felt well prepared. One of the components is missing many birth classes is emotional preparation. When a woman takes birth experience as traumatic, it can have a devastating impact on our life and may even develop into post traumatic stress disorder. Post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) is defined as a form of anxiety, which occurs after exposure to a terrifying event or trial, in which serious physical injury, or is threatened. The symptoms of PTSD include;
a person having experience of the event, they shall be treated as a traumaticflashbacks of eventnightmares of eventinability to recall an important aspect of the event (psychogenic amnesia) exaggerated startle responsehyper-arousal (always on guard) Hyper-vigilantavoidance of all reminders of the eventintense psychological stress exposure eventsthat resemble traumatic eventphysiological reactivity of exposure events closely resemble traumatic events such as panic attacks, sweating etcfantasies of retaliationcynicism and suspiciousness authority figures and public institutionshypersensitivity to injustice ‘ sThe, symptoms, experienced as a consequence of the trauma usually also result in dysfunction in the family of the person, social and occupational functioning. The longer the person has suffered untreated are more likely to be hidden by one or more started symptoms, which include; alcohol and/or drug abuseeating training as bulimia nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa and compulsive gambling eatingcompulsive or spendingpsychosomatic problemshomicidal, suicide or self-disordersdepression or mutilating behaviourphobiaspanic depressing symptomsdissociation symptomsfainting spells

Reaching consequences if left untreated as seen from the above list is the experience of PTSD may have many. is that a person suffering from PTSD has been diagnosed with post natal depression and treatment, however, the main reason for depression may not yet be established, such as PTSD. The symptoms of PTSD may persist for years If untreated, therefore if you believe that there is even the smallest opportunity, you or someone you know is suffering from this disease it is necessary to seek some form of processing. Whether you start by seeing your doctor the end or even life coach, to work through the effects of this disease is the most important thing is not to try to deter and deny is a problem.

Joe Thomson, he was the coach of life, which specializes in helping women heal emotionally by traumatic birth experience and to take the measures necessary to move forward and enjoy a more fulfilling life. In addition to Joe life coach is over 10 years experience, worked as a midwife in the environment, Suite in delivery. To learn more or contact Joe take a look at

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